Baumer HHS Showcases Sustainability In Packaging Solutions

Baumer HHS Showcases Sustainability In Packaging Solutions

Baumer hhs displayed the Xmelt BIO, a new hot melt unit that can melt and convey water-based, 100% plastic-free hot melt adhesive for the production of folding cartons made of uncoated paperboard. Thanks to this capability, the Xmelt BIO helps to reach the sustainability goal of eliminating plastics as far as possible in folding carton production.

The company reported interest in its innovative adhesive application and associated quality assurance solutions for packaging production at this year’s PACK EXPO International.

‘Our systems deliver maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness, flexibility and sustainability in adhesive application and quality control,’ said Rick Pallante, President of Baumer hhs for the USA and Canada.

In addition, the new hot melt unit increases flexibility, because it allows users to work with a variety of adhesives and folding carton paperboards.

Sustainability is also one of the advantages of the dot board from Baumer hhs. A member of the tesla family of hot melt products, the dot board has enabled customers around the world to reduce adhesive consumption by 50% or more in many applications, such as erecting trays or producing wrap-around packaging, by switching application to defined dots of glue. This is possible because the dot board converts input signals from the packaging machines into the high-frequency signals needed by the powerful, electromagnetic tesla heads to apply rows of dots. Dot application significantly reduces adhesive costs and greatly improves the quality of glued joints thanks to ideal heat distribution in the joint. Furthermore, reducing adhesive consumption lowers CO2 emissions to the same extent.

In view of these advantages, electromagnetic tesla hot melt heads are used today in numerous packaging applications that previously could only be run on failure-prone, electropneumatic heads. Installing the equipment from Baumer hhs is simple and fast: the dot board only needs to be integrated in the control cabinets of the machine controllers to establish a connection between the application heads and the machine PLCs.

To make installation even more flexible, Baumer hhs introduced Xmelt hot melt hoses with an outside diameter of only 30mm. They offer the same flow capacity as the previous Xmelt hot melt hoses with a 40mm outside diameter, but can be installed more easily in the machines.

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