Baumer hhs GmbH Announces Global Security Update In Cold Glue Application


The update is relevant to all installed systems of cold glue applied in packaging lines. New experiences from Baumer hhs customers show that the application of glue dots instead of glue lines can deliver significant benefits to operations and equipment support teams.

These include:

– Less glue waste and contamination in all carton design and cartoning lines.
– No influence of machine speed on the amount of glue applied.
– Equal cold glue application in ramp up and in ramp down phase.
– Perfect positioning of dot application on the carton within current pattern locations.
– Reduction of cold glue squeeze out risk at the edges.
– Reduction in cold glue ‘pollution’.
– Less glue consumption with identical bonding forces to glue line application.
– Dispersion Glue Performance is maintained.
– Cost savings due to less glue consumption.
– Carbon dioxide reduction.

According to the company, cold glue leads to an irreversible closure security of cardboard configurations in pharmaceutical, food or beverage packaging. A change to dot application stabilises the production and makes it more effective. The all-electric hhs glue application heads installed in the packaging lines allow the change from glue line mode to glue dot mode without having an influence on the application head lifetime. All integrated systems are capable of this upgrade.

The cold glue detection system will remain fully functional for presence detection for cold glues as before. Baumer hhs asks customers to follow this update and evaluate the benefits. This change will not modify the glue patterns as currently programmed. The improvement is an adjustment to the method by which the cold glue is delivered to the target area that brings significant benefits.

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