Basysprint will demonstrate the Thermoflexx 30 imager on-line to Hybrid Software’s new Cloud-flow at Ipex 2014, a groundbreaking ‘workspace’ concept for the web-enabled production environment, following a recent worldwide agreement between the two companies.

Christophe Lievens, director sales and marketing for BasysPrint and Thermoflexx said, ‘Ipex 2014 provides the ideal venue to show how combining leading software and hardware in this way has resulted in a unique opportunity for flexographic printers and trade houses to handle their pre-press needs with a degree of quality, versatility and output that is unrivalled. Our agreement with Hybrid Software to sell its Cloud-flow suite, which also includes the new Packz editing software for packaging and labels, provides our customers with enormous flexibility in the way that they can edit and process digital files prior to imaging the plate.’

The Thermoflexx 30, with a maximum plate size of 635mm x 500mm, is aimed at the label and folding carton sectors. The imager comes as standard with resolutions of 2400dpi and 2540dpi and there is the option to have 4000dpi, 4800dpi or even 5080dpi, which allows extremely fine quality print with excellent detail. By selecting the most suitable resolution users can tailor plate output precisely to the work being produced and ThermoFlexX offers the widest choice of resolutions on the market amongst flexo imagers.

There are six imagers within the Thermoflexx series, ranging from the 508mm x 420mm model designed for tags and label applications, to the recently launched 1270 mm x 2032 mm Thermoflexx 80 for the flexible/corrugated packaging and folding carton sectors. Several features are common to all models, including the superb build quality, ease of use and resolution options.

With 20 years of experience in developing CTP technology Thermoflexx has incorporated many material and labour saving devices into its imagers. For example, its unique vacuum slider feature allows the operator to cut off the vacuum to areas of the drum that are not mounted, simply by moving a slider to the edge of the plate. It couldn’t be simpler and by eliminating the need to apply special tape or cutting plates to the unused part of the drum customers are able to easily fit and expose plate off-cuts that would otherwise normally be thrown away.

Thermoflexx has designed a hybrid drum that enables plates to be held by either vacuum or magnetic pins, which are a permanent integral part of the drum. Whatever version of drum is used, the advanced clamping system ensures ergonomic and easy plate mounting (a plate loading and unloading unit is available with the largest imager).

Thermoflexx imagers accept 1-bit TIFF files from any workflow or front-end, which can be as simple or complex as required. This makes integration into existing workflows straightforward. The screened 1-bit TIFF file can be a single job file, which can be assembled on a template, or it can be an already assembled 1-bit TIFF plate.

‘The next twelve months are poised to be both highly significant and exciting,’ said Lievens. ‘As well as the new agreement with Hybrid Software we are expanding our distributor network and have recently appointed companies in North America and India. The launch last autumn of our largest imager, the Thermoflexx 80, attracted huge attention from the flexo industry and there are already machines on the high seas making their way to customer sites around the world. In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing more details on these ‘firsts’ as well as news about further equipment updates. At the moment it’s very much a case of watch this space.’