Axicon Launches New Barcode Verifier

Axicon Launches New Barcode Verifier

The new Axicon 7100-S barcode verifier is a replacement for the Axicon 7015 and 7025-S verifiers. It has been designed to read the larger barcodes usually produced for outer cases and pallet labels.

It has a continuous scan option which means an operator can capture multiple reads through the height of the symbol with only one operation. The verifier itself has to be moved across the barcode to achieve this, and this technique is quickly learnt. This means that the verification process is faster and uses more than the minimum of ten scans that the international standards require.

It is compliant with ISO/IEC 15426-1, and is CE and UKCA certified. It has also been approved by GS1 UK.

The 7100-S uses the same software as all the other Axicon linear barcode verifiers so users will have no difficulty in using it and interpreting its results. This means it can be used with computers running the Windows operating system, and with the Android app on some tablets and other suitable Android devices.

‘We are pleased to announce this replacement for the 7000 series verifiers, as we have been able to include incremental design improvements that we first introduced in our Axicon 15000 range of verifiers’, said Martin Morrison, Axicon managing director. ‘The efficiencies in production that we have been able to make mean that we are able to offer this at a lower price than its predecessor.’


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