Avery Dennison Extended Removable Label Portfolio Features More Options

Avery Dennison Extended Removable Label Portfolio Features More Options

Now more than ever, removable labels for electronics and appliances are growing due to a variety of factors. Stricter legislation requires household appliances to display detailed energy labels that educate consumers on energy efficiencies. In addition to this, removable point of purchase (POP) labels and the need to protect screens and displays with temporary protective films are also growing.

Manufacturers of appliances and electronics must consider an abundance of labels that serve specific purposes across different components. For example, labels that communicate marketing messages, warnings, authentication and more all have unique needs depending on how and where the label will be displayed on a product.

Avery Dennison’s extended removable label portfolio for consumer electronics and appliances now features even more options that meet this growing demand. Discover the many benefits the company’s comprehensive removable label solutions offer to converters and manufacturers.

Removable labels that leave behind a sticky residue on a brand new product can make for an unpleasant experience, especially on high-value items such as TVs or kitchen appliances. The company have engineered its solutions to make it easy to choose the correct label material depending on the substrate and desired peel adhesion level to avoid this common pitfall.

To ensure its labels remove cleanly from surfaces without leaving existing residue, Avery Dennison have put them to the test. All materials have undergone extensive lab testing, including extreme exposure to heat, humidity, and severe storage conditions, resulting in a tailored portfolio that features only the most qualified solutions.

When it comes to selecting the perfect peel, the company offer three different peel adhesion levels: high, medium or low/ultra-low. Naturally, the lower the adhesion level, the less effort the label is to remove. Depending on the substrate that requires labelling, Avery Dennison make it easy for you to choose the material that meets your desired level of peel adhesion.

For example, the company’s PET clear label solution (with the adhesive R8001) is perfect for delicate surfaces that require protection from scratching. With a low/ultra-low peel adhesion and good printability, this featured product offers a uniquely engineered silicone adhesive that results in clean, residue-free removability after exposure to various weather and storage conditions. As a result, it’s ideal for protecting delicate surfaces and screens found on all types of devices.

The company have carefully curated its extended removable label portfolio, so it’s easy to mix and match solutions tailored to large and small domestic appliances that serve the needs of POP marketing, energy labels, and screen protection.

The products in this portfolio present more options than the standard removable solutions for substrates including glass, HSE plastics, metal, LSE plastics, enamel, and powder-coated surfaces. Construct the label that fits your needs with the choice of PET, PP or paper facestocks matched with the desired adhesive technology, including solvent acrylic, emulsion acrylic and silicone. In addition, our removable label portfolio offers low MOQs and products can be adjusted on-demand.

Choosing the right removable label does not have to be hard. The extended removable label product guide has been designed to provide a distinct overview of solutions that cater to varying applications.


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