Antalis South Africa Rejuvenates Business With New Premises


Antalis South Africa has moved to 2 John Street, Selby. The company celebrated with a roof-wetting event held on 18 November. The move has seen a renewal in staff togetherness, with the new facility uniting Antalis into one team, which is imperative for the company to overcome challenges and face the industry going forward.

Previously, the company was headquartered at 17 Roper Street for 50 years. The move was carried out because the facility was no longer suitable. The move required more than just logistical planning – it required a paradigm shift, as the company moved from private offices to an open plan facility, which has proven to be both uplifting and motivating for staff.

Planning of the facilities began in January of this year, with building kicking off in March. The move, which took place from July to September, had to be carried out with no disruptions to business activities or service to customers. Department by department was moved in a phased approach as the facilities were finalised and infrastructure installed.

‘The new offices are modern and fresh and have undoubtably breathed an air of new spirit and energy into the office environment. Another important benefit with the move is the opportunity to establish an equipment demonstration facility, also showcasing our paper range – we are working with our suppliers to have this fully operational early in 2017 – watch this space,’ said Raymond Waldeck, Managing Director, Antalis South Africa.

‘As the changes in which we have invested and implemented take shape and realise their full potential, I believe the future for Antalis is exciting – the primary focus has been to rejuvenate and re-energise the spirit within the organisation, and with that, I am absolutely sure and confident that together with our partners, we will take this business to greater heights in 2017 and beyond,’ he added.

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