Antalis And Arjowiggins Graphic Support Education In Mali With Solar Lamps


Antalis and Arjowiggins Graphic have partnered with ChildFund Alliance by donating 200 solar lamps to assist villages in Mali.

The much-needed solar lamps will be distributed to children living in villages without electricity so that they can do their homework in the dark as part of the charities’ global ‘Light to Learn’ challenge. The high spec solar lamps can supply up to 16 hours of intense light and up to 100 hours of soft light when completely charged, providing hours of extra learning time for economically impoverished communities.

This activity is part of Antalis’ and Arjowiggins Graphic’s latest joint annual Cyclus campaign that called on the print and design community to watch a special video about the ‘Light to Learn’ plight, with one solar lamp donated for every 25 views. The campaign ran over May and June 2017, with the target of 200 lamps quickly met.

Angela De Vorchik, operational marketing manager at Arjowiggins Graphic, said: ‘Since 2012, Cyclus has partnered with charities to support the education of vulnerable children worldwide, and give them the tools to break out of poverty. This year’s partnership with Bornefonden, a partner of ChildFund Alliance, enables us and customers like Antalis to make a genuine difference to the lives of children in Mali.

‘Cyclus is rich in environmental and ethical principles and so joining forces with ChildFund Alliance is a natural fit for the brand. This year we have implemented a purposefully engaging campaign approach to encourage our customers to view the videos and learn how something as simple as a solar lamp can revolutionise a child’s life.’

Mike Bennett, marketing manager for print at Antalis UK commented, ‘It’s something that we take for granted but the lack of artificial light in third world countries poses one of the biggest stumbling blocks for children looking to progress their education. Almost all of ChildFund’s children around the world live in communities without electricity, where there is little to no light after dark, so something as simple as a solar lamp could make all the difference between passing or failing their exams.’

Bennet added, ‘We are therefore extremely proud to have supported our partner, Arjowiggins Graphic, in hitting their target and supporting ChildFund Alliance once again by providing 200 solar lamps to children in Mali.’

Launched globally in 34 countries, including France, Australia, South Africa and the UK, this latest initiative is part of an ongoing commitment by Arjowiggins Graphic and Antalis to fund the education of children in less privileged parts of the world.

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