Antalis Affirms Support for Loeries With Renewed Sponsorship


Antalis South Africa has renewed its sponsorship as the official paper supplier/partner to the Loeries Awards and its sponsorship of the Loeries’ Creative Use of Paper award. It sponsored the paper for the recent official Loeries poster campaign.

The Loeries 2014 is celebrating the ideas that live beyond the medium and dwell in the hearts and minds of the consumer. With the Loeries evolving from ‘celebrating advertising creativity’ to ‘celebrating creativity as a whole’, the Awards campaign this year looked at exploring the essence of creativity itself. Sanche Frolich van Rensburg, creative director from McCann Johannesburg, the agency tasked with this year’s campaign, said, ‘The conclusion that we came to is that true creativity evokes an emotional response from its beholder and that this is what gives a piece of work value and that makes it worthy of an award. An emotion felt is a connection made and so we challenge our peers to create with the intention of having an effect on their audiences.’

To show this, photographically they exaggerated these effects in a much stylised manner and in the posters they employed various printing techniques to emphasise the details created by the emotional experience.

This year, the campaign comprised eight different posters and two cards. The paper used for the poster campaign is Conqueror, a premium quality uncoated textured paper. Michael Higgins, print production manager, McCann, described the paper as a high quality paper with a good ink density. Three different elements were used on the posters, which were printed by Mortimer Offset. ‘Spot UV, embossing and debossing were applied to the different posters which allowed the reader to ‘feel’ the emotion being portrayed in the poster,’ said Higgins.

For over 30 years, Antalis has been involved in the creative world of visual imaging and its partnership with Loeries is just one of the many ways through which it demonstrates this support and service to the industry. Another example is its sponsorship of the Creative Use of Paper Award.

Caroline Coughlan, marketing manager Antalis, said that the award is important to the company because it highlights what can be achieved creatively with paper. ‘The Loeries are the highest local accolade for the creative industry and the company is proud to be a part of them. We believe the award encourages agencies to recognise that paper is ‘alive and well’ and can still be used creatively to achieve amazing results.

‘This year we created a card to remind designers it’s not just the thought that touches someone, the paper used speaks for your design. This award celebrates the role that paper plays in communication and brings an understanding to how paper as a medium brings its unique characteristics to the party.’

The CEO of Loeries, Andrew Human added, ‘The Loeries are about the best examples of brand communication in our industry and the Antalis Creative Use of Paper Award forms part of this.’ While the Awards divide the industry by media types and the different media types highlight the best way of communicating within that media type, the key is the relevance to the chosen medium.

Human said, ‘Entries are judged according to a number of criteria, including innovation, quality of execution and relevance in the areas of target audience and the chosen media and brand. While all of these are critical, too often relevance to the chosen medium is forgotten. It is key to take out the strengths of a medium and use it properly regardless of whether it is television, radio or paper. This is what the Antalis Creative Use of Paper Award is about. The Antalis Award asks: How can paper do the job and how can a brand be innovative using paper?’

What is different about this award is that any brand communication in the whole design category can be entered and awarded. The award also includes a prize of two Apple iPads for the creative team. Previous gold Loerie winners include Y&R Cape Town and TBWAHuntLascaris Johannesburg.

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