Altron Document Solutions Announces South African First Press Installation

Altron Document Solutions Announces South African First Press Installation
Frik van Niekerk Junior, Minuteman Press; John de Beer, Altron Document Solutions; Danie and Antwanette Snyman, Minuteman Press Umhlanga and Jermaine Naicker, Printing SA.

Minuteman Press Umhlanga is the first franchise in South Africa to install the new Xerox 280 production colour printer. Building on the success of the V180, the V280 brings all the benefits of the exclusive Xerox Adaptive CMYK+, but now you can print on media from 52-400gsm.

There are enhancements available that will allow the Minuteman group to do special effects and 12 colour printing with these adaptive kits. ‘The modern print buyer is more sophisticated than ever, and they can submit their jobs to multiple shops for quotations. Here is where we are seeing demands for CYMK+ coming to the fore, with clear, gold, silver, true black and true white high-definition toners becoming show-stoppers: if you cannot meet the client’s expectations, you’ll probably lose the job. Over 2020, the introduction of fluorescents inks have been added to the machine’s capability. Can you deliver a full spectrum colour palette? It is not a new investment in a new press but rather you can use your existing press,’ said John De Beer, National Account Manager for the Minuteman Press Group in South Africa, Altron Bytes Document Solutions.

Besides these enhancements, the Versant 280 can also print on envelopes and labels and features high-definition printing on these items. ‘You have a really good product, combined with good back up service. If there are any issues, the technicians are very responsive. You need a partner who is going to help you continue printing, because if you are not printing, you are not making money, and that is what Xerox understands. The Minuteman group is not a customer, we are in a partnership with them,’ said De Beer.

Minuteman Press Umhlanga owner Danie Snyman left the mining industry, where he was the head of the rock engineering department, after almost 30 years to venture into the realm of self-employment. The mining company Snyman worked for offered severance packages as part of their BEE restructuring process and he thought that it was the right opportunity and time to hand over the department he was leading and pursue a different venture. After an extensive research exercise, Snyman and his wife Antwanette first engaged with Minuteman Press representatives in early 2019 to discuss the processes involved in owning a Minuteman Press store. ‘The support and training from Minuteman Press has been amazing throughout the whole start-up process. I’m sure with their support, this business will be a huge success,’ said Snyman.

Snyman said the continuous backup support he and his team are receiving from the field representatives at Minuteman Press are very important, especially since he has never worked in a print environment before, ‘When you need some guidance or experience a difficulty, they are always available, and they are very knowledgeable. During the start-up phase, we also received training on how the business operates, marketing processes, staffing and lots more to make a success of operating a Minuteman Press store.’

Minuteman Press store owners encourage and support each other, as shown by the only other Minuteman store owner in KwaZulu-Natal from Pinetown, who was at the Umhlanga branch pre-launch to show his support and welcome the Snymans and their team to the area.

‘Printing SA welcomes Minuteman Press Umhlanga into its membership and the added presence of Minuteman Press in KwaZulu-Natal. It is a positive sight to see the industry sprouting start-ups amidst the carnage our economy had faced recently,’ said Jermaine Naicker, Printing SA’s KwaZulu-Natal Regional Chamber Manager.

‘The printing industry has certainly not been left unscathed, but the resilience, creativity and ingenuity that the industry stakeholders have shown is remarkable. Taking a step back into Snyman’s decision to enter the industry after being presented with numerous other options is tantamount to understanding the energy, potential and opportunities that the industry still boasts.

‘The Printing SA team had been supporting Snyman with parts of setting up his operation and was proud to see the job that him and his team have done to launch on 22 September 2021 at their premises in Umhlanga. We are optimistic that Snyman and his team have the appropriate equipment, support and zeal to be a success.’

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