Agfa Launches N95-VCF Plate


The new N95-VCF plate pushes the chemistry-free technology to the next level. It is a ‘universal plate’ that gives today’s newspaper printers the required flexibility and ease of mind to master today’s challenges.

• N95-VCF offers improved robustness on press and supports much higher run lengths, up to 300 000 sheets, dependent on the press conditions.
• Support for UV ink printing, which allows for higher flexibility in the press room, when printing (semi) commercial jobs and special applications.
• Thanks to the very high image contrast, plate inspection and optical recognition by punch and bending equipment is easy and avoids mix-up on press.
• Once cleaned-out, the plate is fully daylight resistant and features a high scratch resistance

Compared to conventional polymer plates and other plate technologies on the market today, chem-free plates offer many unbeatable advantages. Thanks to the absence of conventional processing parameters the plate production is extremely stable, and maintenance is easy.
Emiel Sweevers, Newspaper Segment Manager at Agfa Graphics said, ‘Our chem-free technology offers our customers a stable and mature solution that has a proven record of satisfied users. Both the new N95-VCF plate and the Attiro VHS allow us again to set a new standard for the newspaper industry.’
Smaller, yet more frequent editions require very fast plate make-ready times. Platesetters, such as the new Advantage N-TR HS and Advantage N-TR VHS from Agfa Graphics, in combination with the new Attiro VHS clean-out unit (also launched at WPE 2015), produce up to 400 plates per hour.

The new N95-VCF plate is fully compatible with the existing series of violet processors and clean-out units. The implementation of the N95-VCF requires no changes in the platesetter, nor the COU or the press.

Using N95-VCF in combination with new Attiro VHS clean-out unit from Agfa Graphics, the benefits add up even more thanks to the unique cascade concept:
• Minimal gum consumption for maximal clean-out effect.
• Full maintenance is only required after 8000sqm.

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