Agfa Graphics Releases Advantage N Essentials Series


With the Advantage N Essentials, Agfa Graphics now offers a series of low-cost engines that take computer-to-plate (CtP) technology for newspaper prepress back to its essence.

According to the degree of automation that printers need, they can choose between the semi-automatic Advantage N-eSA or the fully automated Advantage N-eTR.

Advantage N Essentials is built on the philosophy of Advantage N, yet is a more basic series of CtP engines for newspaper applications. As such, it completes the Advantage N platesetter family by offering newspaper printers with a more affordable option.

That does not mean, however, that the Essentials compromise on performance. Although the series takes a more basic approach to CtP, it still provides printers with the same user-friendliness, reliability, and high-end results that they have come to associate with Agfa Graphics.
‘We accepted the challenge of making high-quality CtP engines as affordable as possible. With Advantage N Essentials, I believe we achieved that goal,’ said Emiel Sweevers, Marketing Manager for Newspaper Engines, Agfa Graphics.
As is the case with Advantage N, the new Advantage N Essentials series supports several plate-loading mechanisms, various plate throughput speeds and different levels of autonomy. Furthermore, printers can choose several optional features – e.g. mirrored registration or a display – to adjust the CtP engine to their particular needs.
‘By making a platesetter series that focuses on the essence of CtP, we offer newspaper printers more ease of use,’ said Sweevers. ‘We minimised the operating levels without reducing the printer’s range of choices. That is why they can still add extra features if they want to.’
Advantage Essentials contain a new, vertical imaging head and come in two different throughput speeds (50 or 100pph).

The Advantage N-eSA offers the most cost-effective solution whenever limited levels of automation suffice. Both plate loading and positioning are done manually, yet plate processing is an autonomous mechanism. The Advantage N-eTR, then, offers printers full automation. It automatically loads plates from an internal, transportable cassette that can hold up to 500 plates. 

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