Agfa Graphics Celebrates 10 Years of Azura Printing Plates


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its market-leading chemistry-free Azura printing plate, Agfa Graphics celebrated Azura users from all over the world between September 2014 and 2015.

Agfa Graphics recently rounded the worldwide tour, which started a year ago with the celebration of Japanese printer Daicolo’s cumulative use of Azura printing plates of more than one million square metres. Over the past twelve months, Azura users from all around the globe, including Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, Dubai, South Africa, the UK, the USA, Canada, Chile, and Brazil were put in the spotlight. Each of them received a customised celebration cake.
The Agfa Graphics booth at IGAS featured a range of samples of print work created using Azura printing plates, in addition to a huge infographic about the plate family, which also contained the pictures of all the cakes that were presented in the past year.
First introduced in 2004, Agfa Graphics expanded and improved the Azura range over the years. It now consists of Azura TS general purpose, Azura TU high-volume and Azura TE direct-on-press printing plates. Every sheetfed commercial operation can benefit from the quality, productivity and environmental advantages of the ThermoFuse technology.
Convenience, stability, and a superior image contrast, coupled to time and cost savings, have made Azura the world’s most used chemistry-free printing plate family.

The campaign was concluded at the IGAS trade show in Japan in Tokyo earlier this month.

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