Africa Print has made reading the daily Africa Print news on your smart phone or tablet easier with the launch of its scalable website app.
The website’s scalability ensures that you can view it at full size on your computer screen or laptop screen, and it can be viewed on your mobile device or tablet without the layout and content being squashed onto a smaller screen.

‘The concept of scalability is desirable in technology, especially with our website. The base concept is consistent – the is consistent, yet there is now the ability for our website to be viewed on any smart phone or tablet device without compromising how the content is displayed.’ said Charnia Yapp director at Practical Publishing.

The website is updated daily with breaking news and we want our readers to
be able to access this news anywhere, anytime. We publish across all platforms – print, e-mail, website, Facebook, twitter and now mobile.

Simply visit the newsletter on your phone and it will give you an option at the bottom of your screen to ‘Install on phone’. You will then select the ‘add to homescreen’ – this option is available for all smart phones. This will save the website as an app on your phone, ensuring you never miss out on the latest industry news.