Advanced Print Solutions Appointed As SA Representative For SP Ultraflex Slitter Rewinders


S & E Electronics Servicing (now trading as Advanced Print Solutions) has partnered with India-based slitter rewinder company SP Ultraflex.

Since its inception in 1985, SP Ultraflex Systems has played a vital role in the evolution of converting slitter rewinders in South East Asia. Traditionally considered as mere ancillaries, slitter rewinders are now sourced with the due diligence that accompanies the purchase of higher value equipment such as printing presses and lamination equipment.

Within the SP Ultraflex portfolio is an exclusive range of nine slitter rewinder models, purposefully differentiated with respect to speeds, web paths, changeover mechanisms, diameter handling abilities and material handling options. The models are the result of over two decades of experience with different customers, industry segments and substrates, with each unique instance serving to enrich the knowledge bank of the company and fuel its developmental projects. The company sources their components from global experts in their respective domain, who also supply to the leading European manufacturers.

It is this wide range that enables SP to offer standard and proven solutions for customer requirements and preferences that would normally require a high level of customisation. Moving from the compact PRIMASLIT® duplex series, past the more versatile ULTRASLIT® duplex variety, one would find, in the dual turret ROBOSLIT®, the ideal workhorse to expand slitting capacities with minimal additions to the fleet. Depending on the job mix, the ROBOSLIT® series dual turret slitter rewinder can slit between 1.5 to 2.5 times its duplex counterpart from the PRIMASLIT® or ULTRASLIT® series.

To complement its range of world class slitter rewinders, SP Ultraflex also specialises in the manufacture of rewinding machines, including reversible Web Inspection Rewinders model WIR REV for high speed print inspection and Doctoring Rewinding Machines, such as the DRM REV model, to salvage slit reels. Both machines offer the possibility of several value-added functions to increase their utilisation.

Advanced Print Solutions supplies and installs a wide range of printing technologies to enhance and improve production and quality. APS are machine agents for renowned European equipment manufacturers and have been representing iconic OEMS such as Erhardt – Leimer (Germany), ENULEC (Germany) and Selectra (Italy) for many years. Their mission is to deliver top-quality equipment, service and ongoing support to their clients throughout Africa.

‘The newly formed partnership between our two companies allows APS the fortunate opportunity to dovetail our existing products within our portfolio harmoniously together,’ said Bjorn Eugster, Advanced Print Solutions. ‘Our clients within the converting, print and packaging industries have always drawn from years of experience from our OEMS when looking for investment into web guiding, tension control, register control, electro-static assist/elimination and viscosity control. Now the same can be said for slitter rewinders. SP Ultraflex has cutting edge technology – for example its ROBOSLIT PLUS dual turret slitter rewinder is capable of a 1000m/min speed – as well as a highly successful management team which, with the efforts from APS, I believe will see their footprint grow beyond our expectations.’

Advanced Print Solutions
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