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Africa Print Expo 2018
04 August 2017

Kemtek Imaging Systems Hosts VIP HP Indigo Digital Open House

Wendy McLoughlin from Kemtek demonstrates the HP Indigo WS6800.
SA Litho Label Printers won the label category in the HP Inkspiration Awards for this  Amarula campaign.
Riki Tzirin, Senior Account Manager, HP Indigo, discussed 'Revolutionising the Way Brands go to Market'.

Kemtek Imaging Systems and HP Indigo hosted an open house event on 3 August at Kemtek's Centre of Excellence in Johannesburg. Trends in labels and packaging were discussed; attendees were given a sneak preview of the Indigo lineup at Labelexpo Europe and the capabilities of the Indigo WS6800 were demonstrated.

The keynote presentation at the event was 'Revolutionising the Way Brands go to Market' by Riki Tzirin, Senior Account Manager, HP Indigo, who discussed the relationship between the consumer, brand and Print Service Provider (PSP).

Tzirin said consumers, particularly Millennials, demand customisation - they are 'The way I want it' generation and that sustainability is very important to them - they are conscious about their impact on the environment. Brands on the other hand value shelf appeal of products and want packaging that is engaging and innovative.

Brands and consumers are placing increasing demands on the PSP, with higher quality requirements, shorter runs, more versatility and flexibility. PSP's, especially those using HP Indigo technology, need to approach brands with exciting possibilities they can create to meet customers' demands for something personal and unique. 'If you're not a trusted adviser to your brands, you'll lose them,' said Tzirin.

She said HP Indigo helps PSP's meet these demands by providing differentiation and customisation, allowing printers to execute a variety of go-to-market promotions that are large scale or even regional. Tzirin referenced the recent Amarula campaign, printed by SA Litho Label Printers, as an example. A special edition of 400,000 unique Amarula bottles, representing the same remaining number of the endangered African elephant, was released with labels individualised by HP Indigo digital print and HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology. 

Labelexpo Europe Sneak Preview

The HP Indigo WS6800 will be exhibited at the event, taking place from 25-28 September in Brussels. Also being showcased are the Indigo 8000 and 20000 presses, along with GEM - the Graphic Embellishment Model, a new in-line finishing solution.



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